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Schaeffler press conference H'aurach, May 2009
Schaeffler press conference Herzogenaurach How does it continue to go with Schaeffler ?  The employees got the answer to this serious question on the employees meetings on 2009-05-13. After the first meeting the metal workers union had called to a protest march. About 2000 coworkers went to the main entrance, where there was a public press conference with a big media hype. The official speakers said, the company management wants to lower the personnel costs in Germany by 250 million Euros, which corresponds to 4500 jobs. With it the company reacts to the strongly decreased incoming orders and sales due to the global economic crisis. The good news were, that operational layoffs should be avoided whenever possible, instead of that the cost reduction should be reached with other measures. In addition, all the trainees shall receive an employment contract after they finished their training in this summer.
Schaeffler demonstration H'aurach, Feb. 2009
Schaeffler demonstration Herzogenaurach Here you can see some pics from the demonstration of the Schaeffler employees on 2009-02-18 in Herzogenaurach. The organizer of the demo was the Schaeffler employees initiative and the works council.

Trainees, workers, employees, colleagues from other Schaeffler factories and former coworkers went through the main street of Herzogenaurach and called the slogan "We are Schaeffler too!". Employees from suppliers, truck companies, people from sheltered workshops, citizens and traders of Herzogenaurach, pupils and sports clubs participated on the demo too and showed thereby solidarity with the Schaeffler personnel. It was the biggest demonstration, that the little franconian city has ever seen. Over 8000 people came into the historic old town to set a sign for the preservation of the employment in the Schaeffler company. Several speakers like local politicians, members of the German Federal Parliament and members of the works council, employees initiative and metal workers union addressed an appeal to the German Federal Government, to give the Schaeffler group a temporary financial help to maintain the jobs. The Schaeffler company is third biggest bavarian industry employer with 80.000 employees in Germany and 220.000 worldwide.
Videos from this demo you can see on Nuremberg news and youtube.com


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