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Privacy statement

Logging / statistics
With every access to herzobilder.de the webserver logs for purely statistic purposes the following data: IP-address, date and time, access-method, requested file, HTTP-statuscodes, referrer and user client (browser & version). A storage of personal data does not take place at normal visits.

Data storage
If visitors are using interactive forms (like contact or guestbook), the input of personal data (name, mail address and message) takes place voluntarily. After pressing submit-button, the user-data are transmitted to the webmaster and may be stored. To avoid abuse the IP-address of the visitor will also be transmitted. A passing of the personal data to third parties will not be done. Queries to the internal search engine may be saved for statistic purposes and guestbook entries are stored permanent and are always public visible.

Active Components
This website works without active components like cookies, active-X oder Java-applets. For full functionality of this website you have to activate Javascript in your browser. This feature is used to display the image-slideshows and to navigate through the website.

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