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Here you can find photos from the largest city in Franconia, located nearly Herzogenaurach. Nuremberg has a wonderful historical old town with the Imperial Castle, the German National Museum, 8 churches only inside the big city walls, a lot of old bridges on the Pegnitz river & more. In the old town is also a beautiful main market place, where every year there is the famous Christmas market called "Christkindl-Markt". More information about Nuremberg you will find in the right column. At the moment the image descriptions are unfortunately available only in german language.

Airport Party 2008
music, fashion show, vietnamese dance & samba party

Blue night 2009
culture event in the old town and at the Imperial Castle

Carnival parade 2010
the worlds oldest carnival parade in the city of Nuremberg

Christkindl market 2010   2008
the famous Christmas event on Nuremberg main market, with a long tradition and visitors from all over the world

Historical old town Nuremberg
Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg), many churches & wells, bridges on the Pegnitz river & tourist points of interest

Old town festival 2009
franconian autumn-festival in the old town of Nuremberg

Tucher knight-games 2008
big medieval festival in Nuremberg with knight fights, archery tourney, medieval music & camp life

Nuremberg Castle in the blue night

Holy Spirit hospital and Pegnitz river

Medieval festival, knight-games Nuremberg


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